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Inaugural meeting of the Southeast Asia CCUS Working Group

17th June 2020

Topic(s): CCS Policy, CCUS, Southeast Asia

For Southeast Asia, with its power generation fuel mix and rapidly growing natural gas production, carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) has a unique and critical role to play in reducing the rapidly increasing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of the region.

Through extensive engagements, the Institute observed various areas of common interest for collaboration across the region on CCUS topics and as a result established the Southeast Asia CCUS Working Group.

The group comprises of 30 key Global CCS Institute Members and stakeholders from government, industry and academia based within Southeast Asia or with an interest in CCUS development in the region.

The objective of the group is to share knowledge and information from CCUS initiatives already underway across the region, provide CCS project updates, discuss common policy and legal issues, coordinate stakeholder engagement and to identify and support technical areas of common interest.

There are extensive opportunities for low-cost CCUS projects in Southeast Asia, strengthened by the existence of abundant geological storage resources. In addition, due to the compact geographical area and the existence of oil/gas infrastructure close to suitable geological sites, the region and its stakeholders are well-positioned to build a CCUS hub to provide CO2 storage solutions for its countries, and nearby jurisdictions.

This region also has strong technical capabilities and it could develop a strong CCUS services industry, targeting offshore operations and has already built up an extensive infrastructure plan for oil/gas pipelines connecting Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei and Cambodia.

Any Institute Member or stakeholder with an interest in learning more about the group or the Institute’s work in the region is invited to contact Senior Client Engagement Lead, Dr Tony Zhang.

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