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Latest News

International Symposium in Japan hears of CCS’s role in mitigating climate risk

12th September 2019

This week Alex Zapantis - General Manager, Commercial presented and was part of a Panel during the Clean Coal Day International Symposium in Tokyo.

Alex's main message during his presentation and the Panel session was that CCS mitigates climate risk through the delivery of material emission reductions, and also mitigates climate policy risk for companies with large CO2 exposures. However, there is vital need for more rapid deployment and simply talking about it is not enough.

To enable the wide scale, rapid deployment of the technology needed to reduce climate risk and achieve low emissions goals Alex explained the essential need for the establishment of policy settings that reward investments in CCS. This will result in delivering a win - win outcome; a stable climate and appropriate return on investments.

The event also featured a key note speech by Mr Ryo Minami, Japanese Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry speaks about the importance of new low emissions technologies including CCS to mitigating climate change.

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