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UK Government Releases Energy White Paper

15th December 2020

Topic(s): CCS Policy, United Kingdom

The UK government has released an Energy White Paper, which outlines plans to support the country’s net-zero climate target by transitioning to a clean energy system. This is building on the Prime Minister’s Ten-Point Plan aimed at tackling industrial emissions, which saw £1 billion earmarked for the development of four CCS hubs and clusters.

The Energy White Paper commits to developing emissions-free electricity by 2050 as it moves towards carbon neutrality, primarily through a substantive scale-up of renewables and increased funding of nuclear. The shift to a low-carbon economy will support 220,000 jobs tied to major infrastructure projects within the next decade, including carbon capture and storage.

The white paper further confirms the governments intention to establish a UK Emissions Trading Scheme by 1 January (UK ETS) as it prepares to phase out the current EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

In 2019, the UK moved forward with commitments to place its 2050 net-zero emissions target into law. The government’s newly released Energy White Paper is aligned with its current net-zero legislation as per the amended Climate Change Act

The Energy White Paper can be found here.

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