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Media Releases

Global CCS Institute releases Brief for Policymakers – CCS: Targeting Climate Change

5th March 2020

Washington, DC – March 5 2020 – The Global CCS Institute, a think tank, has this week released CCS: Targeting Climate Change, a brief for policymakers globally. CCS: Targeting Climate Change summarizes the key findings of the Institute’s latestGlobal Status of CCS Report which documents a range of important milestones for CCS, its status across the worldand the key opportunities and benefits the technology presents.  

Global CCS Institute CEO Brad Page emphasized: Policy is key to unlocking investment in CCS and achieving the necessary 100-fold scale-up of CCS to meet net-zero emissions climate goals. As such, this new brief is a concise resource for policymakers globally to further understand the vital role of CCS when formulating policies to target climate change. 

CCS: Targeting Climate Change outlines the benefits of CCS, the urgent need for deployment to scale up and practical ways to support CCS deployment through supportive policy frameworks. It also provides an overview of the role of CCS technologies in the net-zero emissions transition, as well as key progress on CCS and climate action globally.  

There are now 51 large-scale CCS facilities in operation or under development globally in a variety of industries and sectors. These include 19 facilities in operation, four under construction, and 28 in various stages of development. Of all the facilities in operation, 17 are in the industrial sector, and two are power projects.   

The United States is currently leading the way in CCS development and deployment with 24 large-scale facilities, followed by 12 facilities both in Europe and the Asia Pacific region, and three in the Middle East. 

The brief can be downloaded at     


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