Media Releases

Media Releases

Global CCS Institute response to the European Parliament vote on COP24 resolution

26th October 2018

Today, the European Parliament voted on its position on the COP24 climate summit. MEPs rejected Recital R in a proposed amendment to the COP24 resolution. The suggested text included misleading and scientifically unsupported information about the role and value of carbon capture and storage.

In reaction to today’s vote, John Scowcroft, Executive Adviser for Europe for the Global CCS Institute said:

“Today’s vote recognizes that CCS has a role to play in Europe’s long-term climate strategy and in its ambition to achieve a net-zero emissions future. The decision to reject Recital R acknowledges that all mitigation actions will need to be deployed to deliver net-zero emissions by the middle of the century. There is strong scientific evidence supporting the technology and its role in achieving climate targets. CCS is the only technology able to deliver deep emissions reductions quickly and cost-effectively. CCS also has the potential to create significant value for Europe and its industries and will be key to ensure a just transition for all. ”

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