Media Releases

Media Releases

Global CCS Institute to speak at World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi

9th September 2019

Global CCS Institute CEO Brad Page is taking part today in the world’s leading energy conference, the World Energy Congress, in Abu Dhabi. This international conference organised by the World Energy Council will gather Ministers, CEOs, industry representatives and over 4,000 delegates from over 150 countries. Speaking at the event, the Institute hopes to highlight the value and potential of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies to deliver climate targets and support emission reduction efforts.

“It is crucial to keep momentum on the need for more CCS ambition. This event is an opportunity to speak to a global audience that CCS deployment is ever more urgent to address emissions from a variety of industries and sectors. For Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, CCS can support the clean energy transition and open the door to a new energy economy with hydrogen. Some regional countries including the United Arab Emirates are already leading efforts to deploy CCS”, said Mr Page. “Supportive policies are key to driving investment and deployment. Public and private collaboration will be crucial to deliver CCS ambitions. The set of technologies can also support a fair and sustainable transition for industrial regions and communities globally.”

The World Energy Congress aims to address the current challenges and issues that global energy industry is currently facing. This is the first time the conference is being hosted in a GCC country. The region is home to two large-scale CCS facilities located respectively in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. This region of the world has many opportunities to develop a variety of applications of CO2 capture and storage.

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