‘Energy rocks’ at Peterhead

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

'Energy Rocks'
Student collage from the 'Energy Rocks' workshop. Image: Global CCS Institute.

What does it take to make energy rock? Apparently 60 tubs of ‘silly putty’, three  static bikes, some vinegar, bicarbonate soda, lava lamps and lots of chocolate. It certainly seemed to work for the 240 primary school students and teachers living near the Peterhead CCS Project in the United Kingdom when the Shell Peterhead CCS Project hosted a CO2degrees and Geobus ‘Energy Rocks’ workshop recently.

Final year students from eight different primary schools in the Aberdeenshire area all came together to get hands on with science and learn more about energy, geology, carbon dioxide (CO2), the climate challenge and CCS. Each school was invited to take part in a communication challenge with winning entries being shown on the CO2degrees website as part of the CO2degrees Education Challenge.

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