3rd Annual K-12 Teachers Clean Energy Workshop

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Richland Community College hosted the 3rd Annual K-12 Teachers Clean Energy Workshop on 28 2016 at the National Sequestration Education Center (NSEC) in Decatur, Illinois. A total of 56 teachers and presenters attended the workshop, which included:

  • Carbon capture and storage (CCS) – Illinois Industrial Carbon Capture and Storage (IL-ICCS) project, and renewable energy presentations
  • NSEC site tour, including seismic display, wind turbines, solar arrays, prairie plots, biomass furnaces, and Sequestration Technology Education Learning Array (STELA)
  • Interactive clean energy exhibits

Additionally, all teachers received “The Green Guide: A Curriculum of Global Sustainability”, developed by Richland and Decatur Public Schools to provide K-12 teachers full lesson plans, experiments, and activities in five areas of sustainability. Many of the visiting teachers were interested in a follow up tour of the NSEC with their class, where students will learn about CCS and a variety of renewable energy technologies at one location. The teachers’ workshop was highlighted in the 29 July Decatur Herald & Review newspaper article ‘Workshop showcases clean energy for teachers’, and WSOY radio in Decatur also covered the workshop.