Carbon capture still in play in Saskatchewan

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Carbon Capture is still in play in Saskatchewan, amid SaskPower’s decision regarding the future for two 139MW turbines at Boundary Dam (BD4 and BD5) – due to small size of these units, the cost to retrofit the turbines and installation of Carbon Capture facilities, SaskPower has decided to retire these old coal fire power generators (BD4 planned to shut down in 2021 and BD5 in 2024).

This decision in no way means that SaskPower is abandoning Carbon Capture. The BD3 Carbon Capture facility will continue to operate well into the future, capturing CO2 off the renovated coal fire turbine until its end of life.


Looking forward, SaskPower is working with the International CCS Knowledge Centre to perform an economic analysis of 2 million tonnes per year Carbon Capture retrofit on a 276MW coal fire facility at the neighboring Shand facility. Without Carbon Capture, the Shand facility is scheduled to be decommissioned in 2029.

The economic study is scheduled to be completed by late 2018.