The Institute attends Arendalsuka

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

This week, the Institute attended Arendalsuka. Launched in 2012, this is Norway’s largest annual political gathering in Arendal, in the south of Norway.  This politically independent event aims to promote open dialogue, civic engagement and political participation. Every year, political leaders, business representatives and the general population gather to discuss and debate key themes and policy developments for present and future. This year, the event gathered over 90,000 visitors and hosted 1,100 events.


During the week, several of the events at Arendalsuka focused on CCS, featuring key stakeholders from industry,  academia and political representatives from the Norwegian Government and Parliament. 


On 15 August, Institute’s member Gassnova, hosted a CCS breakfast recognising the work of CCS Ambassadors. Gassnova’s breakfast event drew large crowds and was standing room only.


The event explored the potential behind CCS deployment in Norway including the creation of new jobs, new industries and business opportunities. The event also highlighted the critical role of CCS Ambassadors. These trailblazers have been working on CCS related issues and also include stakeholders who have an interest in building a future for CCS industry.


Ambassadors have an important role in communicating and raising awareness on CCS to policy makers, the general public and industry. 


During the event, Gassnova's CEO Trude Sundset said that Norway cannot save the world alone, but could help the world save itself. 


The Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy Terje Søviknes said that people present at the event had a job to do and that they have to make sure that people outside the CCS industry get a better understanding of what CCS is and the potential it has. 


After attending Arendalsuka and its CCS-related events, it is clear that the Norwegian government, industry, academia and labor organisations are invested in making CCS a reality in Norway and that the country is well-positioned to lead its deployment as part of a new global industrial era in Europe and globally.