Institute given coveted seat at UNFCCC Bonn discussions

Friday, 4 May 2018

The Global CCS Institute is one of a select few climate change organisations selected to present at next week’s UNFCCC Talanoa dialogue in Bonn.


This event is a scene setting precursor to COP24 in Poland and will address three key questions asked of organisations who provided submissions to the UNFCCC Talanoa Dialogue.


Global CCS Institute Executive Advisor Europe, John Scowcroft, will be representing the Institute at these discussions which will invite 90 participants to share their stories which relate to three questions which were specifically asked by the UNFCCC – “where are we?”, “where do we want to go?”, and, “how do we get there?”


The Institute has been asked to speak to the question: “Where are we?”, and each Talanoa group will be moderated by a national from Fiji with the experience and knowledge on the Talanoa.


Talanoa is the traditional word used in Fiji and across the Pacific to reflect a process of inclusive, participatory and transparent dialogue. The purpose of Talanoa is to share stories, build empathy and to make wise decisions for the collective good.


In his five-minute oratory, John will cover the noticeable shift towards CCS currently underway and the growing recognition that CCS is the only a technology able to decarbonize industry (representing 21 per cent of global industrial emissions).

He will speak about the moves underway to develop CCS “hubs and clusters” in Europe, and IPCC and IEA analysis which has confirmed that `below 2 degrees’ is not possible without CCS.

He will also address CCS’s strength as a circuit breaker to a new energy economy of hydrogen, bioenergy, direct air capture and CO2 re-use applications.

The main messages from Talanoa group discussions will be highlighted at the Report-back session where participants will have an opportunity to provide feedback.


These messages will then be made available on the Talanoa Dialogue Online Platform.