The Leadership Roundtable for the development of Low Emission Technologies for Fossil Fuels is developing a CCS Roadmap

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The Leadership Roundtable for the development of Low Emissions Technologies for Fossil Fuels (LETFF) was established in October 2014. The Roundtable is an industry-led forum comprised of senior representatives from the coal, oil and gas, and power generation industries, research organisations, and federal and state governments. It was established in recognition of fossil fuels being an important source of greenhouse gas emissions while also being integral to the production of the world's energy, plastics, chemicals, steel, cement, glass, alumina and fertiliser, as well as in a wide range of industrial products, including textiles, paints and dyes.

The Roundtable's purpose is to share information about low emission fossil fuel technologies with cost competitive potential. These technologies will permit Australia to continue to exploit its comparative advantage as a resource rich economy while reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. In achieving this objective, the Roundtable identifies potential new studies and activities that could address current gaps and future needs with respect to technologies like high efficiency/lower emission generation, carbon capture and storage, alternative uses for fossil fuels and fugitive emission abatement. The Roundtable has met six times since its inception and has established a narrative around low emission technologies in Australia based on an extensive stocktake of technologies available. It has drawn upon the expertise of its members to identify current and future options for Australia and is currently tasked with the development of a CCS Roadmap.

The Global CCS Institute has been an active participant in the Roundtable, including on its various working groups, and provides secretariat functions for the Roundtable. The Roundtable represents an important focal point for CCS activity in Australia as it bring together key stakeholders including CCS project proponents, large and diverse industrial emitters, and policy makers. The Roundtable is one of many similar forums around the world in which the Institute plays a part by ensuring that the CCS narrative is robust and informed by global developments in the technology, including activities within its diverse membership.