Mexico launches CCUS Centre to advance deployment of carbon capture

Wednesday, 31 January 2018


Mid-December SENER (the Department of Energy for Mexico) launched the Mexican CCUS Centre (Centro Mexicano de Captura, Uso y Almacenamiento de CO2 ) – an interinstitutional entity designed to  advance carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) in Mexico. The Center will promote collaboration among members of academia, research community, and industry representatives.


More specifically, the Center will support the development and completion of two carbon capture pilot plants in Mexico: Carbon Capture Pilot Project (CCPP) on Poza Rica NGCC plant operated by CFE (The Federal Electricity Commission) and CO2 -EOR Storage Project (CESP) operated by PEMEX.


The Centre will fund various research, knowledge-sharing, and technology development-focused projects aimed at supporting CCUS in Mexico. It is currently accepting proposals in the following areas:


  • Research and Innovation
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Capacity Building, Outreach, and Communication
  • Business Strategy Development


The Centre is intended to provide critical learning for all aspects of CCUS in Mexico. For further details about the call for proposal, please contact your local Global CCS Institute Client Engagement Representative.