New European Industrial CCS project launched: "CO2StCap"

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

This week the CLIMIT board has approved funding to a new joint project called CO2StCap “Cutting the Cost of CO2 Capture in Process Industry”.

This industrial CCS project is of global significance as its findings are anticipated to provide innovative cost reductions strategies and produce useful outcomes to accelerate Industrial CCS deployment.

The project will investigate where and how partial CO2 capture may be applied cost efficiently to emission intensive industries by focusing on cement, pulp and paper, steel and ferroalloys. The overall aim is to identify cost effective carbon capture strategies looking into:

  • utilisation of waste heat
  • use of biomass
  • new capture technologies
  • adapted market conditions.

With a start date marked for the European summer, work will be be carried out over a period of four years. Led by Tel-Tek, the project includes industrial north European partners:

Its research partners include:

The Global CCS Institute will join the advisory board to support the dissemination of outcomes and results for the new project. Gassnova, the Norwegian state enterprise for CCS, will be the main contributor covering about 60% of the cost through the CLIMIT Demo program.