A new European project to accelerate developments of CCUS clusters

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

On 4 and 5 October 2017, a new project has been kicked off in Amsterdam under the name of “ALIGN-CCUS”. This initiative is a partnership of 34 European research institutes and industrial companies with the common goal of supporting the quick and cost-effective deployment of CCUS in Europe through organized CCUS clusters.

In particular, the research results will be used to draw up blueprints to deliver CCUS in the industrial regions of Teesside and Grangemouth in the UK; Rotterdam in the Netherlands; North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany; Grenland in Norway; and Oltenia in Romania (more information about these clusters available here).

The project has successfully secured EU and national funding for six specific but interlinking areas of research:

  1. Capture: large-scale CO2 capture demonstration
  2. Transport: large-scale transport networks for offshore storage of CO2
  3. Storage: strategic storage sites for European industrial clusters
  4. CO2 re-use: large-scale energy storage and conversion with CCU technologies
  5. CCS clusters: low carbon industrial CCUS clusters
  6. Society: public acceptance and social aspects of CCUS

The project’s technical research will make use of existing pilot and demonstration projects, which are in various phases of development. It will also involve existing facilities in the aforementioned industrial clusters that have identified CCUS as a key technology for reducing their environmental footprint.

Research outputs will be shared through reports and publications, development of a web-based platform, media engagement and a dedicated news feed, social media, webinars, e-newsletters and a final project event.

More information available here.