Norway demonstrates CCS leadership

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Norway has been leading the way for CCS for more than twenty years and after initiating a full-scale demonstration project in 2015, the world has been looking to Norway to lead the way into the future of full-scale deployment of this groundbreaking technology. On 10 August, it was announced that Fortum’s waste-to-energy facilities at Klemetsrud in Oslo will receive government funding to continue their capture studies into FEED, taking another important step towards realisation of the demonstration project. Similarly, Norcem’s efforts to capture CO2 from their cement plant at Brevik was endorsed and confirmed for FEED funding earlier this summer. The continuation of both of these projects is intended to contribute to competition and cost reductions, in order to fulfil the Norwegian Government goal to contribute to a cost effective technology for CCS. The decision to provide funding for FEED was made after an external quality assessment of the project, confirming that cost estimates and uncertainties tied to the implementation of the project are significantly reduced compared to previous estimates.


Read the full press release of the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy here.