Seventh Annual DC Forum

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

The Global CCS Institute held its seventh annual DC Forum on 13 March 2018 in Washington, DC, with the theme of the forum being “Moving to a Clean Energy Economy: What Now for Carbon Capture?”

Around 100 participants came together to discuss, debate and explore the essential roles of government and business in continuing to advance carbon capture in the region and globally.

Jeff Erikson, Global CCS Institute Client Engagement General Manager, welcomed everyone and kicked off the morning with opening statements, with the Institute’s CEO, Brad Page, then providing the crowd with an update on the status of CCS globally.


Advocating for CCS – Who? Where? How?


Amy Harder, Axios, took over by leading a panel which included Tom Hassenboehler, former Chief Counsel - House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Rich Powell, ClearPath Foundation, and Daniel Richter, Citizens Climate Lobby.


Below are listed some major points discussed in the panel session:

  • 45Q could bring about $30B in investment and result in as much as 1Gt of CO2 abatement
  • Several US States have included CCS in the renewable portfolio
  • Concern about how you can convince the public to ‘Allow you to use CCS to make more stuff’
  • The NGO community is at an ‘alarmed’ state, concerned about how things are and are worried as CO2 lasts a long time in the atmosphere, we need to take CO2 out of the system
  • CCS is mostly a zero sum game. Industries will only support it if it can make money from use.
  • 45Q has just started – too early to look beyond 45Q.
  • Because of 45Q, companies like NetPower can expect 50+ orders of their technology
  • Biggest challenge for CCS today is Economics
  • Start with lowest cost of capture, build infrastructure them move out to more challenging capture sectors
  • Need an anchor project to build around
  • Need a ‘Henry Hub’ system for CO2


How Can Lessons from the Past Inform the Way Forward?


David Mohler, former Assistant Secretary of Energy for Fossil Energy, shared his reflections from his decades of public and private experience with carbon management to inform the way forward on clean energy.


Beyond 45Q – The New Investment Environment


In February, the US government passed the FUTRE Act, 45Q. Scott McDonald, Archer Daniels Midland, Kurt Waltzer, Clean Air Task Force, and Walker Dimmig, 8 Rivers Capital, joined a panel with Jeff Erikson with the highlights listed below:

  • We have a 6 year window to start construction
  • Owner of Capture equipment gets the credit
  • With 45Q alone, 13 power facilities will move forward; 45Q and other incentives could lead to over 80 facilities
  • Need continued investment in R&D


Clean Energy in a Global Market

In the final session, Andrew Steer, President and CEO of the World Resource Institute, joined Brad Page to have an enlightening conversation about where CCS will fit in the global market.


Below are highlights from the session:

  • Going from 20 facilities to 2500 facilities is considered a disruptive change
  • We need to get beyond Zero CO2 emissions (need negative emissions using BECCS)
  • Get the other half of the environmentalists on board with CCS
  • Get banks on board – understanding of process and of the risks for investment


Jeff Erikson brought the Forum to a close with a quick summary of what had been discussed during the Forum.