Tomakomai CCS Facility reaches important milestone

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Next month, Japan’s Tomakomai CCS Facility’s milestone will celebrate the successful injection of 100,000 tonnes of CO2.

Global CCS Institute CEO, Brad Page, says this is a magnificent achievement and testament to Japan’s technological leadership, innovation and ongoing commitment to CCS as a clean technology which is pivotal to reaching Paris climate change targets.

“Since the Kyoto Protocol, Japan has implemented a comprehensive and ever-expanding CCS program and this milestone sends another message to the world that CCS is proven, safe, and commercially applicable.”

Since its launch as Asia’s first full-cycle CCS system in 2016, the Tomakomai CCS facility has built a wealth of expertise and provided vital knowledge which positions Japan among the leaders in CCS technology internationally.

Over the past few months, the Institute has been underscoring the impressive work which Japan is undertaking in developing a new hydrogen economy.  This is particularly pertinent in Australia where Kawasaki Heavy Industries has announced a Japanese hydrogen supply chain that plans to gassify Australian brown coal in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley and transport it by ship as carbon-free hydrogen to Japan for use in transportation.


“This is testament to the role which CCS will play in creating a new energy economy – one which preserves jobs, creates new employment opportunities, and sustains communities for generations to come.


Japan has truly become a catalyst and a coordinator of CCS success.


The Institute praised Japan CCS Ltd, Tomakomai CCS, METI and the host of other great collaborators who have made this possible.