What's on the Institute's agenda today at COP21

Friday, 11 December 2015

Saturday 12 December


Previous days

Friday 11 December

  • The COP President announced at 9pm on 10 December that he would be holding ‘Indaba of Solutions’ to reach compromise on the outstanding issues in the text and to secure ‘landing zones’. 
  • The President anticipated a final version of the Draft Paris Outcome will be delivered.
  • Mark Bonner is presenting at the Institute/University of Sheffield co-sponsored side-event titled ‘Could CCS technologies contribute to delivering the aims of the UNFCCC?’ located in the Climate Generation Area at 5:30pm. 

Thursday 10 December 

  • The COP President announced a new organisation of work at the 8pm Committee de Paris meeting (which finished at 11.40pm after hearing Party statements on the latest draft). He intends to establish five Indaba style (a concept introduced in Durban where heads of delegations – usually ministers – gather informally to establish a common understanding of divergence and convergence in the hope that this can lead to compromise). The five issues up for discussion include: loss and damage, response measures, co-operative mechanisms, pre-amble, and forests.
  • It is unlikely that negotiators will get any sleep tonight as they try to find common ground (called “landing zones”) on these issues, so that a new version of the text can be produced and released early tomorrow afternoon. The expectation is that this version will be as “close as possible” to the final version to be considered on Friday 11 December – even though corridor chatter suggests this conference could go on to the small hours of Sunday morning.
  • Legal and linguistic (translation) requirements means that the Committee de Paris will now take the known ‘clean text’ (Articles 12 to 26 excluding Articles 15, 18 and 19) and subject it to the necessary reviews. The remaining text needs to be concluded by Friday 11 December at the latest so that this critical process in the negotiations can be finalised.
  • The Institute’s John Scowcroft will be presenting at its official UNFCCC side-event co-sponsored by Grantham Institute, Imperial College titled “Hitting 2ºC means investing in CCS, renewables, a storage revolution and energy efficiency’. The side-event starts at 11:30am in Room 5, and includes the following speakers: Prof. Martin Siegert, Grantham Institute; Philippe Benoit, IEA; Ajay Gambhir, Grantham Institute; Professor Stefaan, Institute of Chemical Engineering; James Wilde, The Carbon Trust; Beatriz Fernández Hernández, IChemE; and Prof. Brian Vad Mathiesen, Institute of Danish Engineers.
  • The Institute is co-sponsoring a side-event at 10:15am with CO2GeoNet titled “The role of CCS in mitigating climate change”. It will be located in the European Union Pavilion, Luxembourg Room in Hall 2.

Wednesday 9 December

  • The COP President intends on issuing an updated version of the negotiating text; the text will be on the basis of the document submitted to him by the ADP on Saturday, 5 December, integrating the work of the eight groups as conveyed to him by midnight, 8 December.
  • Andy Purvis (Institute GM, EMEA) will be presenting at Bellona’s side-event on CCS in industry at the Bellona pavilion (hall 3) at 945am

Tuesday 8 December

  • The text for the new climate agreement has to be ready by Wednesday, 9 December so that legal review and language translations can take place – this leaves two days of negotiations (largely behind closed doors) with still some 800 brackets in the text reflecting objections and reservations by Parties on some elements.
  • The Institute’s second side-event will be hosted on Tuesday 8th December in the IETA pavilion at 12.30-2pm. It will be moderated by our CEO, Brad Page; and will include as panelists Lord Nick Stern, Philippe Benoit (IEA); Rodolfo Lacy (Mexico’s Environmental Policy); Takeshi Nagasawa (METI), Ashok Bhargava (ADB), Abyd Karmali (Bank of America Merrill Lynch); and Anita George (World Bank).
  • There will be the Lima-Paris Action Agenda (LPAA) on the theme of Innovation, where government and industry alike showcase their climate actions; it is expected that the CCS Storage initiative under the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Low Carbon Technology Partnerships initiative (WBCSD LCTPi) will be presented.  

Monday 7 December

  • COP commenced its negotiations on the new climate package in earnest on 7 December.
  • Brad page presented at the IEA High Level Dialogue on Energy.
  • Andy Purvis attended an IETA media briefing and Climate Studio interview. 

Saturday 5 December

  • COP Plenary where the ADP will submit its draft text on the new climate agreement. It will then be up to the COP President, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, to decide the way forward ahead of ministers arriving in Paris to take up the negotiations from where their senior officials left off (and to make the necessary compromises to streamline the text to something implementable). 

Friday 4 December

  • An update on the status of negotiations to strengthen the linkages between the Technology Mechanism and the Financial Mechanism. This is a COP agenda item that was tasked to an ‘informal’ group and which is expected to be brought to a ‘contact’ group on Friday, 4 December.
  • The Institute will host its first side-event which will explore how the UNFCCC’s current and evolving architecture can further mobilise the resources required to help support CCS activities. Please refer to our COP21 website listing for: How the UNFCCC architecture can help mobilise international resources to support CCS

Thursday 3 December

  • Save the date: Make a note that our first side event, How the UNFCCC architecture can help mobilise international resources to support CCS, is coming up on Friday 4 December at 4.30pm. Please refer to the Institute’s COP21 website for more information.
  • The ADP spin-off group on technology will need to finalise the draft text on in the evening of Thursday, 3 December prior to submitting it to the broader ADP contact group as part of a broader new climate agreement package. Recommended text will need to be submitted to the COP on Saturday, 5 December for consideration and adoption.
  • The IEA is hosting an ‘Energy’ themed day on Thursday, 3 December including several side-events on accelerating low carbon energy technologies.

Wednesday 2 December

This day saw the Institute participating in a collaborative side event, titled CCS: A proven and safe technology vital for completing the climate change mitigation portfolio. This event is hosted by CO2GeoNet, with the Institute a co-sponsor. This session was presented entirely in French. More information on this event will be available in the coming weeks (for non-French speakers) – please register your interest by emailing

Tuesday 1 December 2015

  • Heads of State arrive today (Monday 30 November) for the ‘Leaders Event’ and to open the climate negotiations. Leaders of many of the world’s largest economies are showing the strongest political support possible to broker a deal at COP21 (see the guest list)
  • A review of the official COP21 ‘Overview Schedule’ identifies the key dates for the next two weeks; including when UNFCCC bodies start and close their work programs, and when the new climate agreement is expected to be adopted
  • The official schedule of UNFCCC side-events is now available. In addition to the official side events, attendees at COP21 will also have access to many side-events in the publicly accessible zone called the Climate Generation Area where Conference badges are not required, and in pavilions such as the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) and Bellona. A full listing of events featuring the Institute is available on the COP21 campaign website.