Institute updates

Drilling the well for the Aquistore Project, which boasts a total depth of 3,396 metres. Source: Aquistore Project, 2012.

The third in the Institute’s series of profiles from around the world is from the Petroleum Technology Research Centre (PTRC), which recently announced the drilling of the deepest well in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Geoff Rumble, the Institute’s Principal Manager – Financial and Commercial addresses delegates at the workshop in Tokyo.

The Institute’s CEO, Brad Page, addressed the European Commission Directorate-General for Energy at its ‘CCS Roundtable: Addressing the short-term challenges for the CCS Demonstration Program’ in Brussels on Friday, 21 September.

The final countdown to the Institute’s 7th International Members’ Meeting has begun. The meeting will take place 9-11 October in Calgary, Canada, featuring an agenda that will showcase the latest developments in the CCS arena. The program will add to attendees’ knowledge, stimulate vigorous discussion, and inform the Institute of key issues and priorities for its Members.

 The Calgary agenda will feature: