Institute updates

Our ''Join Underground'' campaign aims to drive greater awareness about the use of CCS technology.

The Institute joined forces with UKCCSRC, SCCS and Dynamic Earth to host a family-friendly event at this year's Edinburgh International Science Festival

Last month, over 100 global dignitaries gathered at the Global CCS Institute/Yanchang Petroleum CCS Symposium near Xi’an (Shaanxi Province). 

The Global CCS Institute’s Americas region held its sixth annual DC Forum on 8 February in Washington, DC.  The theme of the Forum was “Maintaining North American Leadership in Carbon Capture.”

Early this month, the Institute lodged a submission to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) regarding its Energy Sector Strategy.

Later this month, China’s first carbon capture utilisation and storage facility, Yanchang CCUS, will be formally launched at Xi-an (Shaanxi Province) in China.

On 10 January 2017, NRG Energy announced that the Petra Nova CCS facility is fully operational. The project is a joint venture between NRG Energy and JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corp., located in Thompson, Texas, near Houston.

The Finkel Review has prompted the Australian Federal Government to generate an animated public debate about the need for a more “agnostic” energy mix which is less renewables-focused and more accommodating towards “supercritical” coal solutions.

Since South Australia’s much vaunted power blackout’s, energy security has become a political flashpoint in Australia and energy issues continue to hog the headlines.

A key part of discussions at the February strategy workshop was the importance of advocacy and communications to the Institute’s vision and mission: “to accelerate the deployment of carbon capture and storage as a vital technology to tackle climate change and provide energy security.”