Canada events highlight national and global CCS prospects

This month, the Global CCS Institute took part in a carbon management conference in Calgary, Alberta, and a concurrent workshop looking at the role of storage standards in the deployment of CCS.

The Institute’s General Manager – The Americas, Dr Victor Der, gave a presentation on the global status of CCS and, together with University of Calgary law professor Nigel Bankes, facilitated a panel discussion called The Global View: An International Perspective on Carbon Management. The presentation was followed by an extensive question and answer session on CCS policies, technology and commercial prospects.

Canada-US new bi-national standard for geologic storage of CO2: workshop

The Institute hosted a workshop on 6 June in Calgary, Alberta, that brought together stakeholders from industry, government, non-government organisations and academia to discuss the role of storage standards in the deployment of CCS.

The workshop, which will help form the basis of a knowledge sharing network, focused on the implementation of CSA Z741, the standard for the geologic storage of CO2 for Canada and the United States. Discussions centred on the impact the new standard may have on several aspects of CCS projects, including site selection, storage capacity, prevention or mitigation of potential CO2 migration and leakage, public acceptance, and legal, short-term liability and commercial issues. It was generally agreed that the standards reflect the best practices of industry and provide a path forward for CCS to help mitigate risk and address public concerns about the technology.

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