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There are a considerable number of lesser-scale CCS 'projects' of various types around the world that are either not of a sufficient scale to be considered as large-scale or are not fully integrated (refer to for the definition of what constitutes a large-scale integrated CCS development). These 'projects' have provided valuable information to assist in the design and development of large-scale CO2 capture plants, to advance the understanding of the behaviour of CO2 in the subsurface, and to contribute to public outreach activities.

Many of these ‘projects’ had a defined terms of reference and have been completed. A number continue to operate. Objectives common to many of these lesser-scale 'projects' include demonstration of the technical feasibility of a particular technology and the gaining of operational experience and economic information.

Many of the pilot capture activities are / were supported by capture technology vendors, often with co-funding from public sources, in order to test capture technologies at a scale relevant to industry, including how a particular capture system can be best integrated into the host facility.


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