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White Rose CCS Project

The White Rose CCS Project is a proposal to build a new 448 MW (gross) ultra-supercritical oxy-fuel coal-fired power plant on land adjacent to the existing Drax Power Station near Selby in North Yorkshire. Capture Power Limited, a company formed by consortium partners Alstom, Drax (not intending to invest in the project beyond the FEED study stage) and BOC, is to deliver the project which would capture approximately two millions tonnes of CO2 per annum from an oxy-fuel process. Carbon dioxide captured from the power plant would be transported via the proposed Yorkshire and Humber CCS Cross Country Pipeline, to be constructed by National Grid as a separated associated project, to the coast at Bramston, Yorkshire, then offshore for storage in a deep saline formation beneath the southern North Sea. For more information, please see here.

The project had been nearing the completion of its FEED processes under the UK’s CCS Commercialisation Programme. In November 2015, the announced that the GB₤1 billion capital budget for the CCS Commercialisation Programme would no longer be available, meaning the Programme would not proceed in its current form. The implications of this decision for the White Rose CCS Project are not clear at the time of this Update.

Project data is current as at 21/12/2015

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