ASEAN CCS strategic considerations

Organisation: Global CCS Institute, ASEAN Centre for Energy

Reducing the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, while delivering energy and growth, is a challenge to be met by a portfolio of clean energy technologies. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) can play an important role in reducing emissions, alongside renewables and energy efficiency. The CCS Strategic Considerations for ASEAN paper has been prepared by the Global CCS Institute and the ASEAN Centre for Energy to facilitate a discussion on CCS by ASEAN policymakers. 

The paper provides a high-level overview of some of the key matters related to CCS, including: global status of CCS, costs, capture technology, storage, legal and regulatory developments and public engagement. Useful references are provided for those looking for more detail on a particular topic. The paper also provides an overview of CCS in the ASEAN region, and suggests next steps to assist in creating the right conditions for the deployment of CCS in the region in the future