The Global Status of CCS: February 2014

Organisation: Global CCS Institute
This report is a follow-up to the Institute’s comprehensive annual Global Status of CCS report, most recently released in October 2013, giving an overview of significant international CCS project and policy, legal and regulatory developments around the world. The report is aimed as an industry guide for our Members and the broader CCS community.

Report highlights:

  • As of February 2014 there are 21 large-scale projects in operation or construction - a 50% increase since 2011. These have the capacity to capture up to 40 million tonnes of CO2  per annum, equivalent to 8 million cars being taken off the road. 
  • Six projects, with a combined capture capacity of 10 million tonnes of CO2 per annum, are in advanced stages of development planning and may take a final investment decision during 2014.
  • The world’s first two power sector projects with CCS will begin operation in North America in 2014.
  • The Middle East has the world’s first large-scale CCS project in the iron and steel sector move into construction.
  • China has doubled the number of CCS projects since 2011 with 12 large-scale CCS projects.