ROAD CCS non-confidential FEED study report: special report for the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute

Organisation: Global CCS Institute

ROAD stands for ‘Rotterdam Opslag en Afvang Demonstratieproject’ (Rotterdam Capture and Storage Demonstration Project) and is one of the largest integrated demonstration projects in the world for the capture and storage of CO2, based on a new coal-fired power station located outside of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

ROAD recently completed its front end engineering and design (FEED) studies and cost estimations for the project and has prepared a special report for the Global CCS Institute summarising the main results of the FEED study for the capture plant as performed by Fluor. This report includes topics such as technology selection, process flow diagrams, heat and mass balances, layout designs, cooling studies, capital and O&M cost estimates and project schedules.

The report aims to help other CCS projects, particularly those using post-combustion capture technology, to design and cost their own capture plant. The report is also likely to be useful to regulatory, permitting and other stakeholders who want to gain an understanding of what considerations project proponents give to the range of decision factors, including environmental performance of technologies.