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2024 Americas Forum on Carbon Capture and Storage

21st June 2024

On May 13, the Global CCS Institute held its 2024 Americas Forum on Carbon Capture and Storage in Washington D.C. and online.

The D.C. Forum is an opportunity for policy leaders, NGOs, industry experts, academics, financial institutions and the general public to gather and discuss the discuss the state of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technology in the Americas.

During the event, we explored with experts in the field various key topics related to CCS, including:

  • Exploring the benefits carbon capture storage can provide to communities and the science supporting CCS as a necessary climate mitigation technology
  • Latest updates on carbon management deployment
  • Current state of International carbon markets and how they relate to carbon capture and storage in US, Canada and Brazil
  • Status of financing CCS from different stakeholder perspectives.

To watch the recordings of the individual panel sessions,  please see below:

Opening Remarks - Overview of CCS Progress Globally and in the Americas

  • Jarad Daniels – Chief Executive Officer at the Global CCS Institute



Panel Session 1 - The Climate and Community Benefits of CCS

  • Jack Andreasen– Manager, Carbon Management, US policy and Advocacy at Breakthrough Energy
  • Angela Seligman – Senior Carbon Capture Policy Manager at Clean Air Task Force
  • Chris Greig – Senior Research Scientist at the Andlinger Centre for Energy and Environment, Princeton University
  • Andreas Clarens – Assistant Director for Industrial Decarbonization, White House office of Science and Technology Policy

Moderated by Joey Minervini – Public Affairs Manager - for the Americas Global CCS Institute



Panel Session 2 - Regulatory Updates on Carbon Capture and Storage 

  • Kate Rich – Assistant Deputy Minister at Alberta Environment and Protected Areas, Government of Alberta (Canada)
  • Natalie Lee –  Assistant Division Chief at California Air Resources Board
  • Julie Murphy – Director at Colorado Energy & Carbon Management Commission, Colorado Department of Natural Resources
  • Jessica Moore – State Geologist and Director of the West Virginia Geological & Economic Survey
  • Holly Krutka - Executive Director at the School of Energy Resources at the University of Wyoming

Moderated by Spencer Schecht – Senior Business Development Lead at the Global CCS Institute



Panel Session 3 - International Carbon Markets and Carbon Management 

  • Kel Coulson – Director of Policy at Carbon Engineering
  • Isabela Morbach, Co-founder and Director at CCS Brasil
  • Irfan Ali, CEO, DigiKerma

Moderated by Errol Pinto – Senior Policy and Commercial Lead at the Global CCS Institute



Panel Session 4- Perspectives on Financing Carbon Capture and Storage

  • Vimal Chauhan – Managing Director, Energy Transition Commercial Leader, GE Vernova
  • Suhrid Mantravadi – Partner, Net Zero Opportunities Fund
  • Matt Kittell – Director, Societe Generale
  • Harry Warren - Senior Consultant (contractor), U.S Department of Energy, Loan Programs Officer

Moderated by Christina Staib – Global Finance Impact Lead at the Global CCS Institute



Panel Session 5- Carbon Capture and Storage Hubs

  • Matthew Young – Program Manager, Battelle
  • Iain Tobin – Chief Corporate Officer and CFO, Carbon Clean
  • Tom Dower – Vice President of Public Policy, LanzaTech
  • Ryan Sandmann - Legislative Affairs, Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA)

Moderated by Jerrad Thomas, Senior Carbon Capture Technologies Lead at the Global CCS Institute



Closing Remarks

  • Jarad Daniels – Chief Executive Officer at the Global CCS Institute



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