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Multimedia Library

9th Annual DC Forum on CCS: Presentations

10th March 2020

9th Annual DC Forum Presentations

The Next Wave: Accelerating Carbon Capture in North America


Dr. Andrew Steer, CEO, World Resources Institute
CCS 2020: The End of the Beginning

Jason Klein, VP US Energy Transition Strategy, Shell
Carbon Capture and Storage as a CO2 Mitigation Solution

Tech Talks

5-minute introductions to companies with emerging technologies in the CCUS space that will help drive adoption and lower costs

Cemvita Factory presented by Moji Karimi, CEO

ION Clean Energy presented by Buz Brown, CEO

FuelCell Energy presented by Tony Leo, EVP & CTO

Carbon Clean Solutions presented by David Bahr, Technology Manager

Blue Planet presented by Rodney Schmidt, VP, Blue Planet LTD & CEO Canada

Carbon America presented by Scott Frazier, CEO

NetPower presented by Bill Brown, CEO

Svante presented by Brett Henkel, Co-founder and VP, Strategic Accounts and Government Affairs

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