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CCS Talks: Europe’s next CCS facilities

19th June 2020

The European Green Deal recognises the important role of carbon capture, utilisation and storage as a key technology for industrial decarbonisation. There are currently two operating large-scale CCS facilities in Europe, both in Norway.

In this webinar, examine the development of what may become Europe’s next CCS facilities; the Full-Scale Project in Norway and the Porthos project in the Netherlands. Final investment decision is anticipated for each of these critical projects in the next 12 months. Recent developments and key steps leading to Final Investment Decision will be outlined. In addition, we will discuss how it is hoped these facilities might develop and contribute to decarbonisation more widely.

Speakers for the webinar:

  • Trude Sundset, CEO, Gassnova - The Full Scale Project in Norway
  • Mark Driessen, Manager, Public Affairs - Port of Rotterdam, Porthos Project
  • Moderator: Jamie Burrows - Client Engagement Manager, Global CCS Institute

A PDF of the Presentation is available here.

Please see below to watch the recording:

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