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DC Forum on CCS 2020: Panels

21st April 2020

Keynote Address: Andrew Steer, CEO, World Resources Institute

Keynote Address: Jason Klein, VP US Energy Transition Strategy, Shell

Energy Transition & Carbon Capture Fireside Chat

Global CCS Institute CEO Brad Page discusses the energy transition and an outlook for climate action and carbon capture and storage deployment with Andrew Steer, CEO, World Resources Institute, and Jason Klein, VP US Energy Transition Strategy, Shell during the 2020 DC Forum on CCS in North America.

Trends & Trust for CCS Deployment

The Global CCS Institute's Senior Advisor for Advocacy and Communications Lee Beck discusses trends and trust for CCS deployment with Dr. Julio Friedmann, Senior Research Scholar at the Center for Global Energy Policy, Columbia University, Rich Powell, Executive Director, ClearPath, Cindy Yeilding, Senior Vice President, BP, and Gine Wang Reese, VP Government Relations and Public Affairs, Equinor.

Commercializing CCS - How do we get projects financed?

The Global CCS Institute's General Manager for Advocacy and Communications Guloren Turan discusses financing CCS projects and the impact of 45Q on project finance with Wim Goethals, Managing Director, Wells Fargo, Chris Archer, Head of Green Energy, Americas, Macquarie, David Elenowitz , President, Zero Carbon Partners, and Khalid Abedin, Supervisory Investment Officer, DOE.

Commercializing Geological Storage

The Global CCS Institute's Senior Client Engagement Lead Patricia Loria discusses business models and approaches to commercializing geologic storage with Jason Lanclos, Director, State Energy Office, State of Louisiana,  Ryan Edwards, Low Carbon Policy Advisor, Oxy Low Carbon Ventures, Mark Rigby, Vice President, Finance DTE Energy, and  Mary Sullivan, Federal Project Manager, CarbonSAFE, DOE.

International Perspective: What is exciting us in the Global Landscape?

The Global CCS Institute General Manager for Client Engagement Jeff Erikson discusses international CCS developments and new announcements, facilities and ambitions with Brad Page, CEO, Global CCS Institute, Marco Margheri, SV , Eni US A International Relations Office, Elin Burn, Deputy Head of Mission, British Embassy Washington and Jean Freysz, VP E&C Americas, Air Liquide.

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