CO2 capture technology selection methodology

23rd September 2011

Topic(s): Engineering and project delivery, Carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS), CO2 capture

ROAD stands for ‘Rotterdam Opslag en Afvang Demonstratieproject’ (Rotterdam Capture and Storage Demonstration Project) and is one of the largest integrated demonstration projects in the world for the capture and storage of CO2.

In this report, the selection methodology developed by the ROAD project team is described and evaluated, starting with the request for proposal for preliminary studies and ending with the final selection of the capture plant supplier. This report aims to help other CCS projects using post-combustion capture technology to design their own capture plant supplier selection methodology. In a broader sense, it is envisioned that other CCS projects or projects involving novel technologies can learn from the analysis provided in this report.

With respect to the capture supplier selection approach, the most prominent requirement introduced by this funding program was adherence to the challenging project schedule. As the development and construction of the capture plant are on the critical path of the project schedule, the project team had to find a way to select a capture plant supplier within the given time constraints, while still respecting other important constraints, such as cost, technical performance and health, safety and environment (‘HSE’) performance. For this reason, the project team developed a tailor made CO2 capture technology selection methodology.

This report is the first in a series of seven. Other knowledge sharing reports and case studies to be released in the coming months will cover a wide range of topics including: permitting, stakeholder consultation, commercial and funding arrangements, as well as the FEED study for the capture facility for the ROAD project.


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CO2 capture technology selection methodology


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