EU energy in figures: statistical pocketbook 2012

1st January 2012

Topic(s): Economics, Renewables

Energy drives modern economies and is key to the development of our society. This publication provides an overview of the most relevant annual energy-related statistics on the European Union and on each one of its 27 Member States.

The content of this pocketbook is based on a range of sources, including European Commission services, international organisations, such as the European Environment Agency and the International Energy Agency, and where no data were available, on the European Commission’s own calculations. Indicator calculations follow the methodology established by the European Commission’s Energy DG.

The publication consists of four main parts:
  1. An overview of the energy sector at world and EU level, including the main policy indicators.
  2. A comparative analysis of the main energy indicators, for the EU and its Member States.
  3. A brief analysis of environmental data and of the impact of the energy sector on the environment.
  4. A section presenting the main energy indicators country by country.
The annexes include a detailed overview of the energy industry in the EU as well as a selection of macro-economic indicators.


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EU energy in figures: statistical pocketbook 2012


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