Feasibility assessment of the options for up-scaling proposed CCS facility

28th August 2015

Topic(s): Carbon capture use and storage (CCUS), CO2 transport

National Grid Carbon (NGC) is developing a carbon dioxide transportation and storage system to support the provision of Carbon Capture and Storage technology in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Initially, this will involve the construction of a cross country pipeline and subsea pipeline for transporting captured CO2 to a permanent storage site in the Bunter sandstone aquifer located within Block 5/42 of the UK sector of the Southern North Sea.

The initial CO2 load is anticipated to be supplied by the Drax power station and will be a maximum of 2.68 Million Tonnes per Annum (MTPA). However, with this load, the utilisation of the proposed CCS facility will be well below its capacity. NGC anticipates a second CO2 load from the Don Valley Power project to enhance the aquifer utilisation. In addition, NGC is also seeking to review potential options for up-scaling the CCS facility by transporting additional CO2 from Rotterdam via ship or pipeline into the proposed injection facility.

DNV GL have been engaged by NGC to carry out a feasibility study to assess two options for up-scaling the proposed carbon capture and storage facilities. Option 1 proposes to transport CO2 from Rotterdam directly to the injection facility in the Southern North Sea (Pipeline Option) whilst Option 2 proposes to transport CO2 by ship from Rotterdam to a reception facility on the River Humber, from where a pipeline will connect into the proposed CCS Cross Country pipeline at Camblesforth multi-junction (Shipping Option).

Three flow rates have been assessed for each option; (A) 2 MTPA, (B) 5 MTPA, and (C) 7.32 MTPA.

The findings and recommendations from this study are presented in this report.


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Feasibility assessment of the options for up-scaling proposed CCS facility


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