Hontomin Reservoir characterisation tests: final technical report

29th June 2015

Topic(s): Carbon capture use and storage (CCUS), CO2 storage

This is a technical report cataloguing the reservoir characterisation techniques emerging from the Hontomin CO2 Storage Project in North West Spain. The report is authored by the CO2 injection team at CIUDEN (or Fundación Ciudad de la Energía - Spain's publicly funded energy research foundation), in collaboration with the Ground Water Hydrology Group of UPC-CSIC Barcelona.

Building on existing research into CO2  injection into low permeability carbonates for enhanced oil recovery (CO2 -EOR) operations in North America, the Hontomin site provides an opportunity in Europe to develop injection and CO2 storage-related activities in a low permeability, carbonate deep saline aquifer. This novel approach for dedicated geological storage could provide learnings for potential storage operations in other sites of low permeability.

This report is published in connection with a further technical report from the CIUDEN team in Hontomin - Strategies for injection of CO2 into Carbonate Rocks at Hontomin – and to a suite of bilingual community outreach and education initiatives created and delivered in the communities around the Hontomin site before, during and after construction of the injection site.


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Hontomin Reservoir characterisation tests: final technical report


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