Rotterdam CCS Network Project. Case study on 'lessons learnt': the methodology and plan of the research

1st March 2011

Topic(s): Public engagement, Carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS)

This report outlines the methodology used to capture the history and lessons learnt by the Rotterdam CCS Network Project.

The methodology report looks to achieve the following two objectives:

  1. to discover the lessons learnt from the Rotterdam CCS Network Project which may be useful to support development of CCS projects around the globe; and
  2. to improve delivery of the Rotterdam CCS Network Project by reviewing its own project development processes.

The Rotterdam Climate Initiative (RCI) is in the process of realising CCS in the Rotterdam area of the Netherlands. As a major part of the initiative, CCS activities commenced in 2006 and to date more than 20 companies have cooperated to provide feasibility level engineering studies for CO2 capture projects and a common CO2 transport infrastructure network. The Rotterdam CCS Network Project can be characterised by:

  • a broad cooperation between parties, with the active commitment of industrial organisations;
  • a vision that transcends single-source-single-sink projects and aims at a network, a hub function and focuses on the whole CCS chain of CCS; encompassing technology and organisational, legal and financial issues; and
  • a local (political) commitment to a long term approach towards CCS deployment which transcends the region of Rotterdam.

The Rotterdam CCS Network project has experience in a large number of fields that are highly relevant to other CCS projects. These include: use of goals and means; internal organisation; co-operation with industry, authorities and other stakeholders; technical, financial, legal and communication aspects; and lobbying.


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Rotterdam CCS Network Project. Case study on 'lessons learnt': the methodology and plan of the research


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