Situation report 2013/14: European large scale demonstration projects

19th November 2014

Topic(s): Carbon capture use and storage (CCUS), Engineering and project delivery, Permitting, Policy law and regulation

This second edition of the European CCS Demonstration Project Network: Situation Report 2013/14 includes the findings related to the participating projects from both the knowledge sharing events, presentations, and the internal survey conducted via the Information and Experience Gathering (IEG) questionnaire. The report covers progress made by the projects in capture, transport, storage, regulatory development, public engagement and knowledge sharing within and beyond the Network.

Little has changed from previous reporting for the projects in terms of planning and following timelines. Almost all of them have experienced delays with various permits and with reaching a final investment decision (FID). In 2013, two projects, Porto Tolle and Compostilla received a negative FID. Ciuden, the academic partner of Compostilla project, remains however with collaborative status in the Network. The current timeline for the ROAD project suggests that they could be operating and injecting CO2 by 2017. For Don Valley project this is planned for 2018.

The Network is composed of one oxyfuel power project (former Compostilla), one IGCC power project which may also include gas oxyfuel technology (Don Valley), one post-combustion power project (ROAD) and a gas processing project (Sleipner). Sleipner is the only project currently in operation. All will capture over 1 million tonnes of CO2 per annum, at a capture rate of over 90%. SOx and NOx are quoted by the projects as the most common and expected impurities in the slip stream gas.


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Situation report 2013/14: European large scale demonstration projects


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