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Media Releases

Global CCS Institute Announces Appointment of Dr. Xiaoliang Yang as Country Manager of China

22nd March 2022

The Global CCS Institute is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Xiaoliang Yang as its China Country Manager, beginning 21 March, 2022.

Xiaoliang has extensive expertise in CCUS, clean energy technology development, and international cooperation through his career. In his most recent role as the technology director of China Oil & Gas Climate Investments, Xiaoliang led a team to conduct a pre-feasibility study for a CCUS hub in the Northwestern China. During his previous role as Acting Director for China’s Climate & Energy at the World Resources Institute, Xiaoliang worked with policymakers, business, and other decision-makers to support China’s 2030 & 2060 climate targets. In 2020, he led the development of WRI’s flagship report titled: Accelerating the Net-Zero Transition: Strategic Action for China’s 14th Five-Year Plan, demonstrating that the country can achieve its vision for carbon neutrality while generating tremendous net economic and social benefits in 2050. Xiaoliang was also actively involved in the US-China Clean Energy Research Center and the US-China Climate Change Working Group and was a visiting researcher in KAPSARC in Saudi Arabia. In 2013, Xiaoliang contributed to China’s very first National Assessment Report on CO2 Utilization Technologies organized by ACCA21.

Jarad Daniels, the Institute’s Chief Executive Officer, commented on the appointment of Dr. Yang: “We are excited to have such a well-respected expert on CCS and climate change as Xiaoliang on board, at a critical time for CCS and climate change action in China. CCS is an essential solution for China to realize its carbon peak and carbon neutrality goal. We look forward to Xiaoliang and our Beijing team expanding our partnership with various government ministries, businesses and academics in China to accelerate CCS deployment.”

Commenting on his appointment, Xiaoliang said: “Watching the highs and lows of CCUS over the last ten years, I am convinced that the time for CCUS has arrived. The Global CCS Institute is uniquely positioned to play a more essential role in the future global CCUS development. I am honored to be part of this journey.”

Dr. Xiaoliang Yang will be based in Beijing. As of March 21, he can be reached at

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