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The Global CCS Institute is the world authority on carbon capture and storage,  a suite of technologies pivotal to meeting international climate change targets and reaching net zero by 2050.

The Institute has a unique and unrivalled membership including governments, global corporations, private industry and academia. View Our Members.

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By joining the Institute, members will have:

  • Peerless access to the latest national and international information on CCS (including knowledge, research, and intelligence)
  • Professional consultancy services across every aspect of the CCS value-chain (including data analysis, policy reports, and pre-feasibility studies, as well as delivery of bespoke research, advice, and economic information).
  • Connections to networks which span the highest levels of social, environmental and economic decision-making (including internationally renowned individuals and institutions, and major global events such as the UN Conference of the Parties).

The Global CCS Institute is a passionate and effective, force-for-change in achieving a decarbonised future.

It is committed to ensuring that its members are the best informed, and are most effectively able to address any issue in the CCS space.


Our Constitution

Global CCS Institute Constitution

The Institute’s Constitution defines its function and provides a set of principles and procedures to govern its conduct.

The Constitution outlines the rights of Members, sets out procedures for considering Membership applications and for holding Members’ Meetings, details the procedures for selecting the Institute’s Board of Directors, and sets out the rules around meetings of the Board and its Committees.

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