Case Studies

Case Studies

Global CCS Institute Consultancy Case Studies

MOE Special Report on CCS

Ministry of Environment (MOE), Japan

14th November 2018

This report described the status of CCS, including the status of technology, current projects and opportunities to reduce costs through new technologies. The report provided best practice in community engagement related to CCS and the status of CO2 shipping, including an overview of experience, technology, cost and regulatory aspects. This report included several case studies, relevant to the client’s needs.

IEEJ Report

The Institute of Energy Economics Japan (IEEJ)

14th November 2018

A report on current CO2 shipping industry and practices including:

  • EOR project status in Saudi Arabia
  • CO2 shipping technology, cost, safety, legal and regulatory considerations
  • Case studies.

METI Brown Coal

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Japan

14th November 2018

The aim of this project was to do research and produce a report on the potential future business model for utilisation of brown coal in Victoria. The scope included EOR opportunities in India, and for Hydrogen with CCS:

  • The demand and market
  • Production process and cost
  • Opportunities and barriers to deployment.

Additionally, for brown coal, the report also covered:

  • Brown coal in India and Australia
  • Dewatering, transport process and cost
  • Opportunities and barriers to deployment.

Bridgeport Energy Report

Bridgeport Energy

14th November 2018

This project involved identifying the opportunities and barriers to the creation of carbon credits from the permanent storage of anthropogenic carbon dioxide in the sub-surface process of undertaking CO2 EOR, considering:

  • Australian legislation and carbon accounting requirements and
  • International (i.e. UNFCCC) carbon accounting requirements.


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