It is with talented, purpose driven individuals that the Institute is able to accelerate the deployment and commercial viability of CCS globally. Together we lend our skills and expertise to tackling the climate change challenge, changing the world for the better.

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Why apply?

Work to change the world

Tackling the climate challenge

We are a membership organisation working to reduce the world’s greenhouse gas emissions by advocating for carbon capture and storage (CCS) as a climate change mitigation technology.

Our mission is to accelerate the deployment and commercial viability of CCS globally. We do this through our:

  • Strong, independent and influential representation – Through the leveraging power of a collective organisation we can raise the political and institutional readiness and public profile of CCS and exercise influence at key climate change and energy security forums.
  • Unique convening power – Using our global networks, we bring together Members, experts and key stakeholders to share knowledge and explore opportunities.
  • CCS expertise, knowledge and initiatives – Our authoritative publications on the global status of CCS, comprehensive project database and collaborative efforts with others make the Institute a leading source of CCS expertise.

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Challenge your own skills

Meaningful and challenging work

We are proud of what we do. Each and every employee’s work is meaningful and contributes to our vision for CCS as an integral part of a low-carbon future.

We’re small but global. This means challenging, broad and varied roles that you don’t get in a large organisation where responsibilities are more segmented.

We encourage our people to build their skills and capabilities through formal and informal development opportunities, including on the job learning, coaching, external training, supported tertiary study and professional memberships and subscriptions.


Join a like-minded team

Like minded people

Our employees are inspired by a shared sense of purpose, working globally and most notably, working with one another. Overwhelmingly, our people tell us that the best thing about working for the Institute is the people that they work with. They use words like “helpful”, “friendly”, “approachable”, “professional”, “responsive” and “committed” to describe their peers and managers.

Our Values of Collaboration, Integrity and Quality underpin the way we do things at the Institute and guide us internally in our day-to-day work.

  • Quality – We strive for excellence in all that we do. We are a trusted, knowledgeable and responsive organisation known for exceptional advice and service delivery.
  • Collaboration – We work cooperatively and our teamwork goes beyond organisational and geographic boundaries to achieve exceptional results.
  • Integrity – We hold ourselves to the highest standards in all we do. Our actions and communications are responsive, ethical and respectful of diversity.

The following Behavioural Competencies align with our Values with the aim to amplify each aspect and are essential to ensure the achievement of Our Mission.

  • Collective Strength – You actively develop and leverage the Institute’s collective strength by
    • Honouring and acknowledging your colleagues’ skills, strengths, and contributions.
    • Building meaningful relationships on a foundation of trust, mutual respect, appreciation and empathy with colleagues, Members, clients, and partners.
    • Facilitating people and ideas coming together beyond hierarchical and organisational boundaries through effective communication, knowledge sharing, and proactively seeking input.
    • Exhibiting dedication to our purpose, your role, and what we can achieve together.
  • Accountability – You hold yourself and others accountable by
    • Taking personal responsibility for deliverables.
    • Keeping a focus on delivering outputs that are accurate, timely, and of a high standard.
    • Acknowledging ownership and accountability to promote solutions.
    • Identifying areas for improvement across the Institute and appropriately providing feedback to those responsible.
  • Growth Mindset – You seek ways to continuously learn and improve by
    • Fostering an environment open to diverse ways of thinking and operating.
    • Seeking, providing, and responding to feedback in a productive and respectful manner.
    • Recognising the limits of your own experience and skills and taking proactive steps to grow them.
    • Embracing failures, challenges, and setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning.
    • Engaging in honest self-reflection and actively applying lessons learnt.


Getting to Know the Global CCS Institute

Hear from some of our talented professionals

With an international staff of over 65 employees and offices located in 7 different countries, our team works across the globe, bringing to the Institute their unique skills and backgrounds.

Watch this short video to hear some of our employees explaining what they enjoy the most about their role.

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