Member Testimonials

Thomas Weber

President, Jupiter Oxygen Corporation Des Plaines, Illinois, USA

Jupiter Oxygen Corporation is a US based clean energy company that has developed technologies for cost effective carbon capture with air pollutant control from fossil fuel power plants, and for industrial energy efficiency, which also reduces CO2. The Institute has been very helpful to Jupiter Oxygen in supporting CCS technology by creating awareness and support for carbon capture technologies through active participation at the United Nations Climate Change conferences. The Institute has been especially helpful at those meetings in presenting each year the status of CCS technology development globally, also insuring that carbon capture, utilisation, storage or reuse technologies are recognized as one of the key solutions to the climate change issue. In particular, without the Global CCS Institute’s involvement at the Talanoa Dialogue this year, carbon capture technologies would not have received the attention they deserve.

Yoshihiro Mizutani

Director - Climate Change Policy Division, Global Environment Bureau, Ministry of Environment, Japan (MoE)

On behalf of MOEJ, I would like to express sincere appreciation to the Global CCS Institute, as one of MOEJ’s Sustainable CCS Consortium members, to provide access to leading knowledge and expertise on CCS. After MOEJ got a membership of the Institute, Global CCS Institute has provided us with daily news on CCS and distinguished reports analysis, such as a special report focusing on CCS technology, community engagement, and CO2 shipping and two reports analysing long term liability and regulatory options for geologically.

Liu Yanhua

Chairman of the National Experts Committee on Climate Change, State Council Counselor and former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, PR, China

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) is one of the important technologies for low carbon energy transition and green development. The Global CCS Institute, a highly professional and international organization focusing on the area, contributes positive and integral impacts to CCUS demonstration and large-scale commercial operation not only in China but also worldwide.


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