Our Services

Our Services

Creating value through knowledge

We combine our technical, policy and business knowledge to offer a bespoke consultancy service to our Members and clients on CCS. We can deliver:

Our Recent Work

We have recently delivered consultancy services for a range of international clients on the following topics:

  • Legal and Regulatory Frameworks for Long Term Liability Relevant to Offshore CO2Geological Storage (Phase 1 and Phase 2) ​
  • Special Report on CCS​
  • Concept Study of Business Models: Opportunities in Clean Hydrogen, Brown Coal Utilisation and Enhanced Oil Recovery​
  • Examination of the Interaction between CCS and Environmental, Social and Governance Assessments (Phase 1 and Phase 2)​
  • CO2Shipping: A Report Produced for the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan​
  • An Assessment of CO2-EOR Carbon Accounting and Crediting​
  • Overview of Australian Greenhouse Gas Accounting Rules for CCUS​
  • Secretariat and advisory services to an ongoing research project.

Recent Case Studies


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