We can undertake a range of analysis and modelling for CO2 capture, utilisation and storage policy, markets, economics, technology, and much more.

Policy Analysis

The Global CCS Institute provides governments and other key stakeholders with practical analysis of any actual or proposed policy, to determine its relevance to, and impact advice on, CCS development.

This includes the production of technical reports, economic analysis and strategic counsel on all aspects of CCS deployment of CCS. The specific nature of the policy analysis is determined according to the needs of the client.

Deliverables could include:

  • An assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of the policy with respect to CCS deployment
  • Identification and description of the strengths and weaknesses of the policy
  • Risk analysis for the policy and the client
  • Identification and description of opportunities to modify the policy to improve its efficacy including the development of materials to support related advocacy.

CCS Market Analysis – (Country Level CCS Maturity Assessment)

An assessment of the attractiveness of any geography or geographies for CCS-related investment. The analysis considers factors that create or destroy demand for CCS including:

  • Local climate policy and emission reduction targets
  • Legal/regulatory environment related to CCS
  • Carbon dioxide sources (i.e. industry and power generation)
  • Potential and actual demand for carbon dioxide, especially for enhanced oil production
  • Geological storage potential and the status of knowledge of potential reservoir characterisation
  • Existing CCS expertise/activity or related industries
  • Community/political attitudes to CCS including identification of government programs or policies related to CCS
  • Any other significant risks/opportunities relevant to CCS.

Economic Analysis and Climate Policy Modelling

Our team includes experienced economists with detailed knowledge of economics across global markets, as applied to a range of energy and climate change issues. We can deliver economic analysis across a broad range of sectors as well as develop climate policy, statistical and econometric modelling.

Financial Analysis

We can provide project financial analysis and guidance on finance opportunities under international climate and environment funding mechanisms.

CCS Technology and Techno-economic Assessment

Our team has technical expertise in innovative technology solutions to reduce CO2 emissions across industrial sources. We can provide advice on new or integrated approaches to CO2 capture technology – both existing and next-generation – and undertake bespoke research on CO2 management options. Our team also has skills and experience in techno-economic assessment and Lifecycle GHG Analysis, and the development of GHG reduction roadmaps in industrial settings.



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