Advocacy & Communications

Advocacy & Communications

Communications, Advocacy, and Engagement

The Institute advocates for international cooperation to accelerate the deployment of CCS across all applications, enables joint research, knowledge, and technology transfer, as well as promotes public-private partnerships and collaboration.

We can assist your organisation to achieve your advocacy and communications goals and enhance your impact within the carbon capture and storage and wider climate change communities. Our team can utilise our vast global networks and media contacts as well as our strategic communications and stakeholder skills to deliver advocacy and communications solutions for your business.

This includes:

Public and Community Engagement

The Institute has developed deep understanding of effective community engagement for CCS projects, grounded in 10 years of best practice research and direct CCS project experience. In addition, as a specialist CCS organisation the Institute can draw on deep expertise across CO2 capture, transport, storage, policy, legal, commercial and regulatory issues to assist with public engagement activities. We can advise on community engagement and strategy development, and provide support for implementation including:

  • Advice on Community Engagement strategy scope, structure, and general resource requirements
  • Advice on stakeholder identification and engagement, likely issues and risks, and strategies to mitigate those risks based upon previous CCS project developments
  • Development of messaging and support material for engagements
  • Development of community/stakeholder education collateral
  • Delivery of specific workshops/engagement to educate key stakeholders on CCS (e.g. CCS Q&A sessions, “townhall” meetings, etc.)

Events and Media Management

We have the international networks and resources to plan, co-ordinate, promote and deliver a range of events such as international project launches, high profile workshops and webinars. Our team will provide dedicated media management and strategic communications advice to ensure the success of your event and support the ongoing promotion of your CCS venture.


Global CCS Institute Advocacy

Global CCS Institute event at The Royal Society in central London, 2017.

APAC CCS Forum 2018

APAC CCS Forum 2018, Shanghai

Osaki Cool Gen Project, Japan, 2018

Site visit to Osaki Cool Gen Project, Japan, 2018

CCS Education

We can facilitate workshops for company executives and/or stakeholders to build understanding of CCS. Scope may include CCS technology and status of global deployment, CCS economics/costs, the role of CCS in emission reduction in energy and industry, public education and community engagement and policy and regulation of CCS (including under UNFCCC).



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