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CCS facilities database

CCS facilities around the world span a wide range of CO2 capture technologies and traverse a variety of geological formations and terrains. Industries deploying large-scale CCS facilities include natural gas processing, power, fertiliser, steel-making, hydrogen-production (refining applications), plastics, and chemicals. The diversity of industries represented reflects the versatility of CCS technology.

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Global Status of CCS Report

Every year, we publish the Global Status of CCS – a flagship publication for our clients to understand CCS and its vital importance to a low-emission future.

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CCS research and reports

We produce a range of specialist reports and research papers key topics associated with CCS across legal and regulatory, storage, transportation, technical developments, and project delivery.

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Thought leadership

We publish reports, anlaysis and provide advice and information on CCS across capture, transport and storage technologies, as well as policy, law and regulation, community engagement, and the economics of CCS and low emissions technologies.

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Publications library

We host a vast library of over 500 specialist reports and research papers on all topics associated with CCS. Visit our Publications, Reports & Research Library to explore this resource.


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