CCS Strategy

CCS Strategy

If CO2 is material to achieving your mission… we can help

Our team can deliver strategic analysis and solutions to assist your organisation create opportunities and mitigate risk.

Our bespoke, strategic consultancy service draws on our specialist CCS resources and expertise to deliver tangible value for our clients, assisting them to build knowledge and make informed, confident business decisions.

In particular, we can assist with the following areas to clarify, determine and support your organisation’s strategic direction:

CCS Legal and Regulatory Framework Assessment or Design

Assessment of an existing legal and regulatory framework to determine its impact on risks and opportunities for a CCS project. The scope of the assessment could include identification and description of significant regulatory requirements and gaps or uncertainties in regulation that present risk to the project. Issues would include:

  • Treatment of CCS under local and international carbon accounting rules and requirements for abatement to be recognised
  • Regulation of storage reservoir exploration, characterisation and injection
  • Monitoring and verification requirements for CO2 storage
  • Management of various types of liability (including long term liability) for stored CO2
  • Transboundary movement of CO2 if applicable.

Policy Advice

The Global CCS Institute provides governments and other key stakeholders with practical policy advice on CCS. This includes the production of technical reports, economic analysis and strategic counsel on all aspects of CCS deployment.

Order of Magnitude Pre-feasibility Studies

Early stage studies of CCS projects to support go, no-go decision making to proceed to more advanced studies and to identify critical issues that must be addressed in more advanced studies.

Studies could include:

  • Identification and assessment of carbon dioxide sources and transport options
  • Identification, description and assessment of appropriate capture technologies and technology suppliers
  • Identification of prospective geological storage reservoirs, assessment of suitability/risks using available data and identification of additional data requirements
  • Identification of potential demand for CO2 especially for Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Capex/Opex estimation at plus/minus 50 per cent uncertainty for a CCS project
  • Assessment of policy/regulatory environment risks and opportunities
  • Assessment of community/political attitudes and risks.

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