Spotlight on the Americas 2016 - January Update

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Jeff Erikson appointed General Manager – The Americas

Jeff Erikson has been appointed the Institute’s General Manager, The Americas.

Prior to joining the Institute, Erikson was Director of Global Projects at the Carbon War Room, an international non-governmental organization and think tank working on issues regarding market-based solutions to climate change.

Previously, Erikson served as Senior Vice President at SustainAbility, a global think tank and strategic advisory firm, where he led global business development and headed up the Washington, DC office. Erikson also spent 14 years at Mobil Oil and Exxon Corporation, where he was responsible for projects and programs in multiple engineering specialties and across a broad range of environmental, health and safety issues.

Erikson is a professional engineer licensed in Virginia and holds a B.S. in civil engineering from Bucknell University. He replaces former Interim General Manager Victor Der, who will continue with the Institute as Executive Advisor, The Americas.

Moniz appoints Coddington to National Coal Council

Kipp Coddington, director of the University of Wyoming’s Carbon Management Institute, has been appointed a member of the National Coal Council by US Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz. 

Coddington, the director of the University of Wyoming’s Carbon Management Institute, is a chemical engineer, lawyer and international expert in energy and carbon management policy and regulation. He co-led the formation of the North American Carbon Capture and Storage Association, and chairs the ISO committee developing the standards for CO2 storage during enhanced oil recovery.

The National Coal Council, a federal advisory committee, provides advice and recommendations to the Secretary of Energy on policy matters relating to coal and the coal industry.

Further information is available on the Carbon Management Institute’s website.  

US DOE, UAE Ministry of Energy co-sponsor carbon utilisation workshop

The World Future Energy Summit and Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week were the backdrop for an 18 January workshop, co-sponsored by the US Department of Energy and the UAE Ministry of Energy, to examine the economic and technological factors for carbon dioxide (CO2) utilisation to recover water and oil in the Gulf Region. The workshop was part of the on-going collaboration under the US-UAE Strategic Energy Dialogue as well as the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum. 

US and Middle East technical experts from government and industry discussed how CO2 utilization, specifically enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and enhanced water recovery (EWR) – areas of high interest in the Gulf Region - could provide added value to the electricity and industrial sectors and help manage emissions in the region. Further information on the workshop can be found on the US Department of Energy’s website.   

NETL licenses sorbent technologies to Cogni Tek Management Systems

Renewable energy systems developer CogniTex Management Systems has licensed two patented sorbent technologies from NETL (National Energy Technology Laboratory), an energy research laboratory owned and operated by the US Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy. The sorbent technologies will be integrated into CogniTex’s biomass-to-biofuels conversion process with power generation. Further information on this technology be found on the US Department of Energy’s website

Skyonic Carbon Capture and Mineralisation Project now in operation

Skyonic Corp. recently announced that its Capitol SkyMine plant is now operational.  The plant’s mineralisation technology, applied to some of the carbon dioxide emissions from the Capital Aggregates cement factory in San Antonio, TX, will capture 75,000 tonnes of CO2 per year at full capacity, which is expected to occur within the next few months.  The vast majority of the CO2 will be converted to sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and the remainder to hydrochloric acid for use in the oil and gas industry. Read more about the Capitol SkyMine plant on Skyonic’s website