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Global Status Report 2018

Summary Report

The Global Status of CCS Report 2018 documents the status of CCS around the world and significant operational milestones over the past 12 months. It demystifies common misunderstandings about the technology and identifies where and how it can, and must, be more widely deployed. It also tracks the worldwide progress of CCS technologies and the key opportunities and challenges CCS faces.

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Global Status Report 2017

Summary Report

  • Paris climate change targets cannot be reached without CCS
  • CCS is the only clean technology capable of decarbonising major industry (steel, cement, fertiliser, pulp and paper, petrochemicals)
  • CCS is the conduit to a new energy economy of hydrogen production, bioenergy and CO2re-use applications

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Global Status Report 2016

Summary Report

This Global Status of CCS: 2016 Summary Report provides an overview of the key findings contained in the package of volumes that comprise the Global Status of CCS: 2016 release, as well as from other recent releases by the Institute. Institute Members can access all materials associated with the Global Status of CCS: 2016 on our Members Portal.

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Global Status Report 2015

The Global CCS Institute is pleased to announce the release of its Global Status of CCS: 2015 package of materials. They provide a detailed overview of current international climate discussions, CCS project, policy and market developments as well as updates of key issues in CCS technologies. A special report on CCS hubs and clusters, with a focus on Europe, was also prepared.

Institute Members can access all materials associated with the Global Status of CCS: 2015 on our Members Portal.

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