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Notice of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) on promoting carbon capture, utilisation and storage pilot and demonstration

28 May 2013
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Promoting Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage Pilot and Demonstration is an important task in the 12th Five–Year greenhouse gas control plan. The 12th Five–Year Plan GHG Control working program printed by the State Council (SC 2011, No. 4 Document) clearly indicated the need to: develop CCS pilot and demonstration programs in thermal power, coal chemical, cement and steel industries; develop capture, enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and storage integrated demonstration projects; and in the meantime build up human resource, financial security and policy support. To implement relevant working tasks, based on the 12th Five Year Plan GHG Control Working Program Task Assignment printed by the State Council (SC 2012, No. 68 Document), the relevant tasks and working arrangements contained in this publication.